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NicholBridge Shepherds welcomes you to our new website. Here you will find an assortment of pictures of our family of dogs and an abundance of useful information.  Nearly 30 years of combined experience breeding, raising and owning the finest breed of dog has enlightened our lives beyond explanation.

Our goals are to provide family pets for deserving and capable people from our family pets.  As well as, making our mark in the betterment of this breed by producing pups that will grow to be a compliment to this breed in every way.  We feel as though our dogs have many, many great qualities that will not only dispel some of the misconceptions about this breed, but will make improving contributions to the great legacy of the WGSD that we know to be factual.

We register all our puppies with the AKC and our NicholBridge name in their title. We stand behind our bloodline and proudly put our kennel name on our pups registration. Our name is the product of love and dedication as well as the many owners and their NB dogs. It is an honor and a privilege to make the contributions to this breed that will impact its standards for the future.

This endeavor that began as an interest has blossomed beyond our greatest hopes and expectations over the better part of the last 10 years.  We have puppies/dogs all over the U.S. and we do not ship our puppies.  People have come here to get their NB pup from Puerto Rico, Tennessee, Texas, Massachusetts, and The Carolina's to name a few and some have waited up to 2 years for a NB pup.  Our NB pups are relentlessly socialized and we will not jeopardize that by putting them in a box on a plane by themselves.  Some pups know their names when they leave our care at 8 weeks.  We have a potty training process in place that our NB family will attest to its effectiveness.  The merits of this breed as a whole are nothing short of spectacular and there is a reason why a large percentage of our NB family and most of our inquiries are people who have owned a WGSD.  We believe this breed truly speaks for itself. 

NicholBridge Shepherds breeds White German Shepherds for companionship, temperament and appearance as well as quality breed contributions that make a difference in people's lives. Breeding our wonderful dogs is a passion of ours, but has also been rewarding on so many levels...none more than the friendships we have developed and the pure joy we have brought to people's lives whether it is replacing a WGSD someone had for 15 years or providing a great dog for someone who has just fallen in love with the breed. Some of our best and proudest owners are people who are owning the breed for the first time.

When you own a NicholBridge puppy/dog you are not just getting a are making a life altering commitment for many years to come that will reward you beyond explanation.  You will become a member of a very exclusive group of friends that we affectionately address as our NicholBridge Family. You will be rewarded with the finest dog that will return your love, dedication and commitment a million times over and will be everything you make him/her to be.  Your level of dedication and desire will dictate the limitless achievements and accomplishments the NicholBridge WGSD is capable of. 

We are very proud of the accomplishments that many of our dog owners have achieved with their NicholBridge dogs.  One is excelling in protection training and was used for an ad in a GSD publication.  Another NicholBridge dog is being groomed to be a therapy dog to visit nursing homes. Many have earned their CGC.  There is nothing this breed cannot accomplish and we are very proud of the pups our dogs produce and what their owners are achieving with them.

Although we own the web address this is a temporary website that is being utilized at this time.  Our previous website was interactive where all NB dog owners correspond with us and each other as well as post comments, etc... This one does not have that functionality, but we hope to rebuild a similar one soon.  Meanwhile, please use this for general information.  We also have a NicholBridge Shepherds Facebook page you are welcome to view, however we do not accept friend requests from strangers, so please contact us by email first via the Contact Us page of this website.

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